Jelly Chip!

Hello beautiful people,

Okay I would like to introduce you guys to this truly amazing and beautiful website! 🙂 
It’s called JellyChip ( 

Allow me to explain why this website is so wonderful.

On jelly chip, you can truly save lives. All you have to do is take short extremely easy and fun surveys. The surveys you take give you points. 

With those points, you can give a city clean water, send a child to school, and so many other beautiful gifts you can give to people. 

I tried this website today and I fell in love! You should really try it. It’s so easy, enjoyable and not even all that time consuming. 

Thank you so so much for reading and please try it out! 

The Web Chick ❤


Being Unique In The Eyes Of Society

Hello lovelies,

This world can be so confusing sometimes, wouldn’t you agree? Isn’t it funny how in this world, we try to promote uniqueness, but when you are unique your considered weird?

We are living in constant fear, and we don’t even know it!

Uniqueness is so suppressed, that people are forced to follow others instead of leading their own lives. And I don’t blame them considering the way that unique people tend to be treated in our community.

If you’re different, then you are weird, or there is something wrong with you. Your an easy target for bullying, and your bound to be ostracized or excluded from society.

We all know its true. So what do we do?

Well, we always try our best to not stick out. Look around you. When you go outside, and look at other people, doesn’t everyone look the same? Everyone is always following a trend. But we are so focused on following trends that there are times we are even willing to do foolish and illogical things just so we can be accepted.

Don’t believe me? Lets take iPhones for example.

Whenever a new iPhone comes out, everyone just has to have it. They get sold out in an instant.

But isn’t your old iPhone perfectly fine? Whats the point of spending $200 or more just so you can sport a new device when the old one you have is perfectly okay? It could have lasted you for a good year more or so, and by the time it breaks probably the iPhone 7 would be out and you can go from the iPhone 5 straight to the iPhone 7 and save yourself a lot of money. So why not do that instead? Why waste your money?

I know why.

Because you don’t want to hear: “You still have the iPhone 5? That is so dumb get a new one.” Or “Just get the iPhone 6 that phones old now!”

Come on, we all know its true.

Its the same with clothes.

“Why do you dress that way?”

“That sweater is ugly!”

And this can apply to many other things.

Why cant we just live?

We should be able to embrace being unique and just live your life. Find people who support you and real friends who you can just be yourself around.

You weren’t born with a contract.

Don’t be afraid to stick out. Don’t be a part of the majority, be apart of the minority! Be interesting, be outstanding, be beautiful, be the way you were born to be!

Be unique.

Because when the majority gets treated a type of way, you would be treated the same. When they go one way, you will also. Whether you like it or not. But when your yourself, you can shape your own life.

Open your eyes. Think about it.

Have a beautiful day my sweets!

The Web Chick ❤

This World Needs Fixing

Hello lovelies,

Here’s something I needed to get off my chest.

Recently there was was a boy who was shot and killed in the Bronx. I won’t say his name. He was only 14. His body was lying on the floor and what did the majority of the people do? Turn on their phone and snap pictures. They posted it on Facebook doing the whole “1 like = 1 respect, ignore then your a bad person”

Everyone was posting videos on Facebook of the poor boys death and posting pics.

It was sad. And it was disgraceful.

This world needs fixing.

How many more babies need to be abused? How many more children need to be killed? How many more adolescents need to be bullied? How many more adults need to be disrespected? Day by day more and more people are losing their ability to feel compassion. We need stop and think about what’s happening and open our eyes.

We aren’t blind. We have the full ability to see the injustice and unfairness, and a brain to understand it’s not safe in this place we call home. But instead we limit our ability to see these things, and we use our brains to create a false reality.

But the reality is this world needs fixing. We can’t keep pushing small problems like this to the side.

I know that this post will most likely not be seen… But I beg you to please, for the person reading this now just do one nice thing for someone that you know. Just doing one nice thing can make a big difference.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

~Leo Tolstoy

The Web Chick ❤

Hello :)

We’ll here it is. The start of a new era. So here’s a blog I just recently thought up about, where I can talk about topics that people can relate to. This is a place where everyone can find out you are not alone, talk, relate, and just connect. 🙂 You’ll also be able to join me on my crazy life as well as find some interesting topics to discuss that I come up with in my mind. My mind is just a jumbled mess of creative ideas waiting come come out.

I’m not sure how far this blog will go… I’m not even sure if I’m going to keep it. But I just started and so far I’m loving it! 😀

I also love taking and drawing pictures so expect much of those.

My name? Just call me The Web Chick…. I know it’s cheesy but I has to find something.

Well that’s about it. Hopefully this blog will go far 🙂

The Web Chick ❤